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Pat's Home Health Care

 Providing Professional and Caring In-Home Health Care


About Pat's Home Health Care


Pat’s Home Health Care, LLC serves the triad and surrounding areas. PHHC was founded by Reco Wilson, a Winston-Salem native committed to the area he serves. PHHC is committed to providing personalized in-home care to qualified clients.  PHHC takes pride in fully vetting and training staff to provide the best possible care for your loved ones. Our staff includes licensed practitioners that are held to a high standard to care for your loved ones as if they were their own.


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In loving memory of Patricia Ann Wilson

Pat’s Home Health Care LLC, (PHHC) is named after and dedicated to the memory of Patricia Ann Wilson better known as, “Pat”. Pat was the devoted mother to Owner, Reco Denard Wilson. She stood for respect, hard work, caring, sharing and being thankful for all her blessings.

Pat lived her life not for herself but to help others and left a forever lasting impression on those she encountered. Those who knew her describe her as intelligent, caring, altruistic, and compassionate. Pat had a reputation for putting others before herself, making a way out of no way, offering the shirt off her back and who would die for her family, if the situation had arisen.

Pat was straightforward and to the point expressing truth and not only what one may want to hear.

Pat raised Mr. Wilson as a single mom with the help of her brother Theopolis Carter and Patricia Flowers Toe. She did all she could to prepare Mr. Wilson for life, nurturing him mentally when she was unable to physically, making a great impact on his life. Mr. Wilson was greatly influenced by virtues set forth by his mother:

  • "It’s not how much you have, because you could have nothing."

  • "You should be thankful and take care of what you have the best you can and share, because you are blessed to have something."

  • "Does not matter where you come from, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself in life with hard work, respect and discipline."

The legacy of Patricia Ann Wilson will live forever at Pat’s Home Health Care LLC, a continuation of her morals and values.

Reco D. Wilson

Meet Reco D. Wilson, Owner and Executive Director of Pat's Home Health Care, LLC. PHHC is dedicated to the memory of his mother, Patricia Ann Wilson, better known as "Pat". The two shared undeniable characteristics formed only by a mother and son. Pat had a caring heart with a passion for helping those in need. Reflecting his mother's caring heart, Mr. Wilson took his compassion to help others and created Pat's Home Health Care, LLC.  Mr. Wilson and his mother have a mystique which will keep them connected forever, “She Is Me and I Am Her”.

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